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Theme Parties

Theme parties are generally held around festivals as well as new years’ eve. They serve as a break from mundane routines and are usually a hit with employees for being great stress busters.

Event Management of Theme Parties that are popular for people of all ages. When someone invites you to a party, you always ask “What’s the theme?” No one has ‘plain Jane’ events anymore where the guest are just expected to put on their Sunday best, eat appetizers and dance to boring music. Event planners caught on to the trend and now plan corporate and nonprofit parties with themes. Before getting into what it takes to have a successful theme party, let’s examine some of the hottest trends:

Are you looking to host a theme party to remember? Without breaking the bank? And without spending your evenings and weekends combing the Internet for party theme ideas and just the right combination of tableware, decorations, party favors, and costumes? Well now you're in luck, because our Casino Theme Party lets you BE the bank, at least for an evening, and with the money you save on tableware, favors, and decorations, you'll have plenty of dough left over for... More theme party supplies! Celebrate the movie awards with our Hollywood theme party, complete with decorations, celebrity costumes, and favor trophies to hand out to lucky guests. Host a tropical getaway in your own freshly mown back yard with our luau theme party and summer party supplies. Take a step back in time and celebrate the American frontier with our Western theme party supplies, offering cowboy hats for wannabe bronco busters of all ages and affordable costumes that add to the party fun. Or if you'd rather celebrate unseen, then our camouflage theme party is definitely for you! So start your theme party with Party City, where there are so many party themes, you may not know where to start or when to stop!