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Personal Events

Event management of personal events like birthdays, weddings and other events with family and friends. Many people may not realize that large corporations aren’t the only ones that benefit from a professional event management company and that an event planner can be an affordable way to make those precious moments in life, or private events, even more memorable.

Whether you are hosting an 80th birthday party in your back yard or a wedding at an exotic location, an event manager can eliminate the stress and ensure the event is flawless. The event manager can help you choose a venue, plan a menu, visualize a theme, create an event

Traditional event photography captures people that look like they’re having anything but fun — their bodies stiff and posed, their smiles are grimaces or appear contrived, there’s no joy or humor. Our interactive, open photo stations go with the flow of your event, permitting your guests to create their own photos, pose with our props, ham it up with their friends, get “down and funky” with their shots with the Life at Play photo station music.