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Corporate Events

Corporate world flourishes with business events of various kinds that are organised to enrich the professional lives of employees at different levels. Companies hire corporate event managers to help organise successful corporate events which have become very crucial for the growth of companies.Conferences are the most common corporate events wherein the target audience can be large in number as well as quite variable. The conference may be for a whole day or may extent to two to three days.

Seminars focus on particular issues and hence the number of participants is lower as compared to conferences. These days seminars not only comprise of lectures but also interactive stimuli. Workshops are again extremely common. Training Programs can be found in every organisation, sometimes for new joinees, at others for mid-level managers. Workshops are intermittent and quite frequent.

Business dinners are held once a year, generally at the end of the year to mark the end of the financial year and celebrate the milestones achieved. They may also be held in participation with clients and promote networking. Common amongst Business to Consumers companies are product launches wherein big stars of the society are roped in. The launch event is coupled with grant dinner arrangement.

This is a gala event, generally of three days. It is a combination of team games, talks, dinners and dance with the overall focus on bonding of colleagues together. The scale and quality of executive retreats varies with the target level of employees and budget.